69 Mini Tattoo Ideas With Meanings Revealed

6. Ear Mini Tattoos

The ear is a tiny canvas to showcase your mini tattoos. Sometimes tiny ear tattoos are partially visible from the front which beckons the viewer to move to your side to see what is going on. Surprise them with a secretly meaningful tattoo to make the trip worthwhile. It’s a good intimate conversation starter.

cotton flower ear tattoo

Decorate the canvas of your ear with a cotton flower mini tattoo. A solid backup plan for when fresh flowers aren’t readily available.

ear micro tattoo heart

A pretty red heart micro tattoo in the ear asks you to whisper sweet things.

ear micro tattoo tnt

This dynamite inspired ear micro tattoo belongs to someone who loves surprises it seems.

ear micro tattoo heart

This micro tattoo is a multi-colored, digitized heart.

cara delevingne ear micro tattoo

Celebrity model Cara Delevingne sports three stars and a diamond as micro tattoos on her right ear. The diamond symbolizes invincibility. She’s a gem, and of course, we all love Cara Delevinge eyebrows.


7. Back of Neck Tiny Tattoos

A small tattoo on the back of the neck is known to the owner, but only visible to others. It can be a completely secret location only to be revealed when desired. It’s a way to show off your inner thoughts without showing your face. As such, you may find small tattoos with a very deep meaning on the back of the neck.

creation of adam back of neck tattoo

Michelangelo fans will appreciate this Creation of Adam back of neck tattoo. God is ready to impart the spark of life to Adam.

vine back of neck tattoo

A delicate vine and bud tattoo to dress up the back of your neck in style.

back of neck tiny tattoo - cat

This artsy, small cat outline tiny tattoo reveals her love and dedication to her feline family.

back of neck tiny tattoo - semicolon

This tiny semicolon tattoo represents mental health issues and suicide prevention. It’s part of a the Project Semicolon movement. They are a movement dedicated to presenting hope and love to those who are struggling with depression, suicide, addiction, and self-injury.

The meaning of a semicolon tattoo?  A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life.

back of neck tiny tattoo - waves

The back of neck, mini tattoo of waves represent one of the most powerful forces on Earth. The wave tattoo reminds us to ride the waves, rather than get caught up in the ups and downs of life.

back of neck tiny tattoo - cross

The back of neck tiny tattoo of a cross is a Christian religious symbol. A popular choice for those who have the faith.

back of neck tiny tattoo - unalome

This back of neck, tiny tattoo is of a unalome. A unalome is a symbol of enlightenment. The zig-zag spirals are the wandering we go through in life, and the straight line is the path to enlightenment.


8. Collarbone Mini Tattoos

Having a small tattoo on the front of the body near the shoulder is a safe and feminine place. These tattoos can easily be covered with clothing when necessary, and revealed when the mood strikes. The nature of the location keeps people staring then guessing what is going on further down from the tattoo. Show off your playful side, when you want!

lotus flower front of shoulder tattoo

Show off your state of enlightenment with this peaceful lotus flower mini front of shoulder tattoo. Namaste!

vine mini collarbone tattoo

Bring nature to your heart with this sprig and vine collarbone tattoo.

rose and vine mini collarbone tattoo

Let your feminine side rule your heart with a rose vine collarbone tattoo.

flower heart collarbone tattoo

A delicate flower shaped into a heart collarbone tattoo shows how much of a loving person you are.

amor mini collarbone tattoo

Amor in script meaning love, is the perfect mini collarbone tattoo for lovers.


9. Shoulder Blade Mini Tattoos

Small shoulder blade tattoos are somewhat discreet. They are only visible after you’ve already passed by. That is, unless you choose to reveal your tattoo to someone. You won’t see it yourself for the most part, but it’s always there, always a part of you. A sort of subliminal tattoo.

dolphin heart shoulder blade tattoo

A tribal dolphin and heart shaped waves shoulder blade tattoo. A dolphin tattoo meaning friendship, intelligence, and harmony. All with love.

serendipity text shoulder blade tattoo

Serendipity, the development of events by chance, script shoulder blade tattoo. Because things happen for a reason.

cancer crab shoulder blade tattoo

A zodiac, cancer the crab shoulder blade tattoo.

flying bird shoulder blade tattoo

A flying bird shoulder blade tattoo.


If you love the ocean, you’re sure to like this realistic conch shell shoulder blade tattoo.

flower shoulder blade tattoo

Delicate flowers make for a feminine shoulder blade tattoo.

Coming up: Side boob tiny tattoos with meaning!

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  1. Did you know the components of tattoo ink are NOT regulated — at all — by the FDA? Ink mixtures can vary from shop to shop, city to city, state to state. Tattoo ink contains a laundry list of HEAVY METALS and sometimes PLASTIC (AND a chemical solvent to liquify the plastic). You may get your tat removed but those heavy metals are FOREVER, settling in your lymph nodes. The LONG TERM effects of tattooing are only now being studied and those studies aren’t encouraging.

    Btw, if you’re determined to get a tattoo at least don’t get any WHITE in the tat. White ink cannot be lasered off when you later come to the realization that getting a tat was a really, really dumb idea, after all.

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