69 Mini Tattoo Ideas With Meanings Revealed


10. Side Boob Tiny Tattoos

Photos of women’s sides exposing a sneak peek at side boobs are all the rage. Tiny side boob tattoos provide the icing on the cake. The intimate location of these mini tattoos give a more private and deeper meaning to them. Whether they are breast tattoos, on the side, or under the side, these awesomely sexy tiny tattoos make for an everlasting impression.

With a tiny tattoo on your side, you’ll be sure to capture the looks of others passing by. Keep the tattoo meaning cryptic, and they’ll be left staring and wondering. Let’s take a gander at some of these magnificent side boob mini tattoo ideas.

cat and dog side boob tattoo

For the pet lover, a cat and dog outline mini side boob tattoo.

sea shell side boob tattoo

For those that love the beach and oceans, a sea shell side boob tattoo.

boxing gloves side boob tattoo

A set of boxing gloves side boob tattoo meaning you better not mess with me.

manta ray side boob tattoo

Manta rays side boob tattoo, for women who worship the oceans. To Polynesian people, a manta ray tattoo means strength, wisdom, and grace.

anatomical heart side boob tattoo

Wear your heart on your side as a mini side boob tattoo. Anatomical heart tattoos have a meaning of long lasting love.

side boob tiny tattoo - sun

A sun tiny tattoo on the side of the body meaning someone with a positive attitude and sunny disposition. Someone who can bring the light and cheer up your blues.

side boob tiny tattoo - flowers

A side boob mini tattoo with flowers is a delicate reminder of our organic link with nature. The flower is a feminine symbol and when placed on the side boob, a very eye catching one.

side boob tiny tattoo - heart

A heart shaped mini tattoo on the side of the body meaning you are getting close to my heart. An oversized tank top is a perfect way to showcase this side boob tattoo.

side boob tiny tattoo - female

A tiny side boob tattoo of the female, Venus symbol. A playful reminder that you are viewing the female form.

side boob tiny tattoo - rose

A single rose tiny side boob tattoo with a meaning to accent the female form. A sexy choice for someone who loves being female and doesn’t mind showing that off.

side boob tiny tattoo - roman numbers

Roman numerals for a tiny side boob tattoo can reflect important dates, numbers, or in some cases may reveal the owner’s lack of  comprehension.

side boob tiny tattoo - moon

The meaning of a crescent moon mini side boob tattoo is a symbol of regeneration and the cycle of life. It can also mean the love of the night, the time when the moon is visible, for all the fertility and powers it provides.

side boob tiny tattoo - script heart

A simple heart tattoo on the side boob means love and passion. These hearts reveal a love for intimacy.

side boob tiny tattoo - small heart

A tiny heart tattoo on the side boob is a subtle way to attract attention. It’s small, understated, and unexpected. Flashing this tiny tattoo is a sure way to bring the energy level up a notch.

side boob tiny tattoo - heart
side boob tiny tattoo - go live

A tiny side boob tattoo with a message, “go live”. It’s a reminder to us to live our lives to the fullest. Don’t get caught up in the day-to-day stresses of life. Take a break, and enjoy.

side boob tiny tattoo - airplane

An airplane side boob mini tattoo means freedom. In some cases it means someone who loves to travel, but it can also mean someone who has come out from a dark place and feels free now.

side boob tiny tattoo - angel

An angel side boob mini tattoo, can mean that she is your angel waiting to lift you to the heavens. Someone calm and happy and ready to take the journey with you.

side boob tiny tattoo - balloon

A helium balloon tiny side boob tattoo means an uplifted spirit. It’s usually someone with an inspirational life story.

side boob tiny tattoo - wave

A wave side boob mini tattoo means a love of the ocean. Look for it on someone who loves the water, the beach, and sunny skies.

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Whether you plan to get a mini tattoo or not, we hope that you have gained some insights into the micro tattoo trend. If you are thinking about getting your first tattoo, a tiny tattoo is the best way to test the waters. It is your choice to make as to how much meaning the tattoo design has for you. It could be very special to your heart or it could just be for fun.

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If you’ve seen something you like here, or if you have other suggestions or ideas, let us know in the comment box below. We welcome your opinions.

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  1. Did you know the components of tattoo ink are NOT regulated — at all — by the FDA? Ink mixtures can vary from shop to shop, city to city, state to state. Tattoo ink contains a laundry list of HEAVY METALS and sometimes PLASTIC (AND a chemical solvent to liquify the plastic). You may get your tat removed but those heavy metals are FOREVER, settling in your lymph nodes. The LONG TERM effects of tattooing are only now being studied and those studies aren’t encouraging.

    Btw, if you’re determined to get a tattoo at least don’t get any WHITE in the tat. White ink cannot be lasered off when you later come to the realization that getting a tat was a really, really dumb idea, after all.

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