Tattoos With Meaning: 89 Popular Tattoos With Their Meaning


Breast Tattoos Meaning

These are not for everyone, so think twice before getting one. They can be placed right above the breast, in between, on the side, or beneath it. Flowers look feminine and pretty and is one of the best way to draw attention to your assets.

breast tattoo meaning

A tattoo on the upper breast can be exposed with the right top. It’s a bold, intimate location, and suited for attention seekers.

side breast tattoo meading
side breast tattoo meaning

A side boob tattoo is generally can easily be hidden with a shirt, so it’s personal, and typically something that is only shared with special people. If you’ve been privy to seeing them, know that you’re special.


Cleavage Tattoos Meaning

Cleavage tattoos are like a permanent pendant. You might get a partial view of one on the street, with the remainder only to be seen in private.  Cleavage tattoos are sometimes religious or spiritual symbols which keep faith close to the heart.

cleavage tattoo meaning
cleavage tattoo meaning
cleavage tattoo meaning

This swirly cleavage tattoo is a unalome. It is a Buddhist symbol for a visual image of reaching enlightenment. The spiral means our struggle with life, while the straight line shows that we have finally found harmony.


Mid Back Tattoos Meaning

The mid back is one of the sexiest places to ink especially if you are too slim to wear backless dresses. It not only highlights your curves but can add a touch of sensuality to your overall appearance. You can say it all with a simple lower back dress if you’ve inked a feather, butterfly, heart, or peacock on your mid back.

moon back tattoo meaning

The phases of the moon back tattoo meaning: a feminine symbol that represents the rhythm and cycle of time. A reminder that life changes and goes through phases.

lotus back tattoo meaning

A mid back lotus tattoo meaning: the Hindu Padma. It is associated with a number of deities, like Vishnu and Brahma. The lotus tattoo represents divine beauty and purity, and the unfolding leaves represents the expanding of the soul and spiritual awakening.

unalome back tattoo meaning

A creative take on the Buddhist unalome tattoo and a lotus flower representing spirituality and inner peace.

back tattoo meaning

Sometimes, a mid back tattoo is made from negative space, that is by having tattoos on the upper back and side. This arrangement allows for multiple tattoos to tell multiple stories, for someone expressive.

back tattoo meaning
cat flower back tattoo meaning


Lower Back Tattoos Meaning

Lower back tattoos are also known as tramp stamp tattoos and these are visible only when one bends down, when one wears midriff baring clothes, or when one is on all fours in a compromising position. Find a design that enhances your curves rather than trying to cover them up. Make your decision over time, as this is one of the more regrettable places to ink.

Dream chaser tramp stamp

A graphical dream catcher tramp stamp tattoo, meaning to protect from nightmares. Combined with, a Dream Chaser letter tattoo. For someone who is both chasing dreams and catching them. Something to ponder.

Mountain landscape tramp stamp

A mountain landscape and full moon lower back tattoo. The mountains meaning strength to overcome obstacles, and the full moon to represent magic and transformation. Alternatively the full moon, could be just to balance the full moon below the mountains? What do you think?

tramp stamp tattoo meaning

A small tasteful pair of hearts shows love.

tramp stamp tattoo meaning
tramp stamp tattoo meaning

Matching roses tramp stamp tattoos meaning: it may not be the best way to show your solidarity, but it is an option.

tramp stamp tattoo meaning


Animal Tattoos Meaning

Animal or bird tattoos have significantly stereotypical interpretations that are geographic in nature. Such as Native Americans believe owl tattoo symbolizes death and evil spirits. Peacocks stand for rebirth and royalty according to Christians. Whereas Hindus think that peacocks mean luck and kindness. Americans consider eagles a sign of bravery and freedom since ages.

whale tattoo meaning

A whale tattoo meaning: peace and strength. These large mammals roam the vast oceans, migrating thousands of miles each year.

elephant tattoo meaning

An elephant tattoo meaning: prosperity and good luck. The elephant can also convey compassion, peace, love and kindness.

dog tattoo meaning

A dog tattoo meaning, the owner wants to immortalize their pet dog forever.

cat tattoo meaning

A cat tattoo meaning: a way to permanently remember a beloved pet.

bird tattoo meaning

A swallow tattoo meaning: a traditional sailor tattoo that shows off their sailing experience. The swallow tattoo also is a symbol of freedom, love, and hope,

birds tattoo meaning

Multiple birds tattoo meaning: freedom, peace, and good fortune. It’s for free spirits, who enjoy variety in their lives, and love traveling to other places.

lion tattoo meaning

Lion tattoo meaning: courage, strength, and pride. Sometimes a lion tattoo is a badge for surviving an event, accident, or surgery.

peacock feather tattoo meaning

Peacock feather meaning: vision, royalty and spirituality. It’s associated with Lakshimi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity,

wolf tattoo meaning

Wolf tattoo meaning: family, loyalty, and devotion. The wolf is a fierce warrior, leader, and protector of the innocent. On women, it can represent the desire to break free from family pressures.


Feather Tattoos Meaning

Feathers look great wherever you ink them since they symbolize love of liberty, flight, and freedom of choice so if you truly support an NGO, are very liberal, or simply love birds, just go for it.

waist feather birds tattoo meaning

A feather and birds tattoo, meaning: freedom, hope, and dreams. A feather tattoo with birds connect the feather to flight signifying flight and movement of the soul.

foot feather tattoo meaning

A Native American feather tattoo meaning: a connection to the spiritual world. Adding a key and heart expresses, the key to my heart, or lives for romance.

back feather tattoo meaning
side feather tattoo meaning
multiple feathers tattoo meaning
neck feather tattoo meaning


Star Tattoos Meaning

Star tattoos can be of many different types such as fallen stars, Constellations, and nautical stars. Fallen star means success in a career, adventurous personality, and ability to overpower obstacles. Nautical stars depict a rebellious person and the determination to choose one’s own path in life whereas constellations stand for abstract minds although they look striking.

nautical star tattoo meaning

A nautical star tattoo meaning: affiliation with the US Navy or Marine Corps, or respect to the sea. The nautical star is a five point star with alternating light and dark shades.

behind ear star tattoo meaning

A shooting star tattoo meaning: dreams or wishes. An optimistic person that is seeking the best things in life.

face star tattoo meaning
wrist star tattoo meaning
waist star tattoo meaning

Star tattoos on the waist meaning: A form of guideposts in low light situations.

shoulder star tattoo meaning

A collection of many star tattoos meaning: glitz and glamour, for a person that likes to be the center of attention.

shoulder star tattoo meaning
side body stars tattoo

Dramatic side body star tattoos meaning, a super-creative and expressive person.


That’s our list of tattoos, and the meaning of tattoos. If you got any comments or ideas for new tattoos and tattoo topics, let us know in the comment box below.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that feathers are also quite popular to have as tattoos. I’m interested in having one on my forearm and I also want it to be colored. Perhaps finding a good shop that specializes in color realism tattoos would be a great idea.

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