33 Best Beard Styles for Round Faces You’ll Want to Copy

17. Crusader Beard Style

Crusader beard

The crusader beard style for round faces is a fuller style of beard covering the jawline and cheeks. It’s a little lighter in weight than a full beard style making it a more contemporary choice.

18. Garibaldi Beard

Garibaldi beard style

The Garibaldi beard style for fat faces is named after one of the fathers of Italy, General Giuseppe Garibaldi. This messy mustache and full beard with a rounded base has been a popular beard style since the late 1800’s.

19. Anchor Beard Style

Anchor beard style

20. Triumph Beard Design

Triumph beards

21. Boxed Beard Design

Boxed Beard


22. Klingon Beard

klingon beard style for round faces

The iconic Klingon beard style for round faces is a blast from the past about the distant future. Live long and prosper with this trident shaped beard.

23. Tight Beard Style

Tight Beard

Coming up next, olde english beard style.

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