33 Best Beard Styles for Round Faces You’ll Want to Copy

24. Olde English Beard

Olde English

25. Long Van Dyke Beard Style

Long van dyke beard

26. Ducktail Beard

Ducktail beard

27. Soul Patch

Soul Patch

28. Lumberjack Beard

lumberjack beard

29. Balbo Beard

Balbo beard style

30. Chin Puff with Mustache

Chin Puff with Mustache

31. Mutton Chops Beard

Mutton Chops

32. Friendly Mutton Chops Beard

Friendly Mutton Chops

33. Clean Shaven Beard

Clean Shaven

Finally, if you can’t decide which type of beard goes best with your round face, consider the clean shaven beard. That’s right, go with no beard, no facial hair at all. Embrace the rotundness of your face and lay it all out there for the public to see. No shame in that.

With so many different beard styles for round faces out there, which one is your favorite? You can even try out all these round face beard styles and settle for the one that suits you the best. Each beard style that we have mentioned above is proven to look good on men with round faces, so it will most likely look good on you as well.

Thanks for reading. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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