These 25 Uniforms Are Probably The Weirdest Official Uniforms Ever Seen

Let’s face it, at one point we’ve all hated our school uniforms. They were either the most horrible colors on the planet, like vomit green or had such terrible fit that it made you look like a shapeless glob. I mean, who the heck comes up with these ridiculous uniforms? Also, some of us have been unlucky enough to have gone to colleges with uniforms and nothing is as embarrassing as being a full grown individual wearing tacky as frack mandatory uniforms to an educational institutions.

If you too have been a victim of such fashion faux pas, be assured that you haven’t seen the worst. When it comes to outrageously horrible uniforms, the following uniforms take the cake. These uniforms are so cornea searingly cringe worthy, that they make us say out loud, “What the heck were they thinking?”

Pittsburgh Steelers Bumble Bee Uniform

pittsburgh steelers bumble bee
Pittsburgh Steelers Throwback Uniform

Someone in Pennsylvania thought it would be a good idea to bring back the 1934 bumble bee uniform for the Steelers. The only thing that got stung, were my eyes.

Air New Zealand Flight Uniform

air new zealand flight uniform
Air New Zealand Flight Uniform

If you fly on Air New Zealand, pay close attention to this uniform. Otherwise you might not recognize the employees from tourists coming back from vacation. Maybe this was their idea of “casual Friday”?

Fiji Traffic Police Uniform

fiji police uniform
Fiji Police Uniform
Fijian police uniform

Apparently, the motto of the Fiji traffic police is work up top and Stonehenge party at the bottom. Seriously, how is someone supposed to concentrate on driving when there are men dressed like this on the road?

Colombian Cycling Team Uniform

Colombian women's cycling team uniform

Alright, so the Colombian cycling team is amazing. On the other hand, their costume? Not so much. It really makes you wonder, what were they thinking?

North Korean Military Uniform

North Korea uniform

This North Korean uniform will make anyone shine blindingly…quite literally. The brown color? Not so bad. The million weird medals? So so bad!

Britain Queen’s Guard Uniform

Queen's guards uniform

When it comes to outrageous British uniforms, the Queen’s Guard is rather tame. Wouldn’t you agree? Does anyone really like those bearskin caps? Not those Canadian black bears, I can assure you.

Greek Presidential Guard Uniform

greece presidential guard
Greek guard uniform

The Greeks may now how to party, but when it comes to fashion, the Evzones need to learn a thing or two.

Uganda’s Idi Amen’s Uniform

Gen Idi Amin

Uganda’s Idi Amen’s uniform will be the centre of attention at any event…and not in a good way.

Thailand Royal Guard Uniform

Thailand Royal Guard units

Cornea searing yellow? Check! Horrible hat? Check! This Thailand Royal Guard uniform has it all.

Scotland Army Uniform

Scottish army uniform

Alright, so the Scottish love their kilts. But how practical is this kilt infused uniform for the Scottish army?

Muammar Gaddafi Uniform

Gaddafi uniform

Take a look at the late Muammar Gaddafi’s uniform to appreciate your school uniform a little bit more.

Hot Dog on a Stick Uniform

hot dog on a stick uniform
Stick girls uniform

This is the official Hot Dog on a Stick uniform. With costumes like these, the only good thing about their job is maybe a nice customer.

Iran Sniper Squad Uniform

Iranian Sniper Squad uniform

What is even going on with this Iranian Sniper Squad costume? Maybe they are practical in the field, but on public display? Not so much.

Hooter’s Uniform

hooters uniform nylons under shorts
Hooter’s Restaurant Uniform

Let’s be honest, the Hooter’s uniform is more cringe worthy than sexy. I mean, orange shorts and nylons together? Okay, maybe not.

Italy Carabinieri Uniform

The Carabinieri uniform
Italy Carabinieri Uniform

Capes should solely be reserved for Batman. Period!

 South Korea Honor Guard Uniform

South Korean Honor Guard uniform
 South Korea Honor Guard Uniform

The South Korean Honor Guards literally look like they belong to the Hufflepuff common room…while on LSD.

 India Central Industrial Security Force Uniform

India's Central Industrial Security Force uniform

India’s Central Industrial Security Force takes tradition to ridiculously heights, no pun intended. Could the costume get any more mustard-y?

 French Foreign Legion Sappers Uniform

French Foreign Legion uniform
French Foreign Legion Sappers Uniform

The French Foreign Legion sappers. An axe, half an apron and beard patches? Umm…no, thank you.

 Spanish Legion Uniform

Spanish Legion uniform

The Spanish Legion was probably aiming for a bold and fear instilling look but just ended up with the “are you serious?” look.

 Drummers in Military Bands Uniform

Leopard Skins uniform

At some point, the leopard skin poncho was worn by drummers in military bands. For some god forsaken reason, it’s still common today.

Vatican Guard Uniform

vatican guard
Vatican Swiss Guards
Vatican gaurd uniform

Apparently, the Vatican Guards are still stuck with the pantaloons era.

 Stormtroopers Uniform

Stormtroopers uniform

Pretty sure that every Star Wars fan has questioned the idea of the Stormtroopers costume at least once. Do you think they have trouble finding their friends in a crowd?

 US Secret Service Uniform

Uniform of the US Secret Service

At some point during his tenure, Richard Nixon wanted the US Secret Service to be dressed like this. Thankfully, it lasted only 2 weeks.

 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Uniform

Norwegian Olympic Curling Team for Vancouver

No, just no. This 2014 Sochi uniform is 50 shades of no. Get that bottle of aspirin handy, because I feel a headache coming on.

 2012 Spain Olympic Uniform

Spain’s Weird Olympic Uniform

In 2012, many Olympic games fans were confused. Were they at the olympics or at a new fast-food joint? Spain’s olympic gear looked to fit right in along with McDonalds and Burger King. Maybe it was their plan to make their competitors hungry?

There you have it folks. Some of history’s ugliest and poorly designed costumes, ever! Which one did you find as the worst offender? Or did we miss one that you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. Almost ALL of these uniforms are FORMAL uniforms. I am Scottish and they only where those for parades or FORMAL accasions or CEREMONIES not for WAR

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