54 Celebrity Short Hairstyles That Make You Say “Wow!”

If you are brave enough to get a short haircut, then you’ll find this post interesting that is all about celebrity short hairstyles. See which of the celebrities look great with short haircuts.

1) Julianne Hough

Celebrity Short Hairstyles
Julianne Hough comes with a chopped pixie hairstyle for short hair. This blond has sacrificed her medium length hair for the sake of fashion.

2) Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson short hair 2016

Jennifer Hudson looks so graceful with her pixie crop. She sometimes grows her pixie locks into spikes like with Kaley Cuoco hairstyles. But her usual look is smoothed out like in the picture above.

3) Coco Rocha

Coco Rocha boy cut

Very few celebrities take the risk to go for a boy cut and Coco Rocha has skillfully achieved it at her best. She always gives it a feminine twist with hot lip colors and bold cat eyes.

4) Beyonce

Beyonce pixie haircut

Beyonce has got this neat pixie cut for autumn; you can also follow the celebrity if you think these highlights will look good on you.

5) Elisabeth Moss

Celebrity Short Hairstyles 4
This celebrity boasts a soften hairstyle for short hair. She knows well how to frame her face that is why she has left a side bang sweeping across her cheeks.

6) Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway short haircut

Anne appeared with her new quaff style at Met Gala last year. This hairstyle is a bit difficult to manage but I must say that it is worth the effort. Another Anne short hairstyles goes here:
anne short hairstyle
7) Charlize Theron

Celebrity Short Hairstyles 6
Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Charlize is one of the celebrities who have become super short hair cuts inspirations. She has appeared on the Oscars so gracefully with her chopped haircut that led many of the onlookers to immediately get a chopped haircut.

8) Lena Dunham

Celebrity Short Hairstyles 7

Lena has skillfully side parted her super short hair to go well with her chubby face. For a sleeker look, she makes Smokey eyes and nude lips.

9) Ginnifer Goodwin
Ginnifer Goodwin Short hair
Ginnifer Goodwin short hair
Ginnifer Goodwin short haircut
Celebrity Short Hairstyles Collection
Ginnifer Goodwin has so beautifully given her hair short cuts that she has been a poster girl for a lot of short hair cut promotions. She is also an inspiration for those who like to twist their looks with adding things to their short haircut. Sometimes she comes with bangs, and at another time, she appears with side swept locks. Whatever she wears, looks balanced on her overall looks with short hairstyles.

10) Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys Short Hairstyles

This hairstyle resembles the bob haircut in shape but it is different in the length because it comes along the jaw line. And Alicia dislikes choppy layers instead she gives her hair more soft and downy looks.

11) Michelle Williams

Celebrity Short Hairstyles 10

Michelle Williams knows how the process of growing hair can be made interesting. She has deeply side parted her hair, and has given them an even out look with the help of a serum. This hairstyle is worth trying for women looking for short hairstyles for round faces.

12) Miley Cyrus

Celebrity Short Hairstyles 11
Miley has allowed her natural hair color to appear along her temples because she knows it beautifully contrasts her blond locks on the crown.

13) Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie Gyllenhaal Short Hairstyle

Maggie Gyllenhaal has got a classic choppy pixie haircut and she looks so feminine and graceful with her new hairstyle. To stylishly make your pixie chopped layers prominent, you should try wearing ruffled white or white on white embroidery kind of dress.

14) Ashley Benson

She looks so adorable in these loose curls:
Ashley Benson short hair
Short hair cuts usually have sweet little names i.e. bob and pixie. And no doubt, they look great when worn sensibly. We’ve mentioned some of the great names of Hollywood who boldly manifest their chopped or pixie layers. You can also try one of these celebrity short hairstyles but remember to wear accessories and dress accordingly.

15) Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene looks adorable in her ombre highlighted medium bob cut:
Ashley Greene short hair
15) Carey Mulligan
Heavily tousled hair are braided in a cute and chic manner:

Carrie Underwood short hair
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

16) Carrie Underwood

Carrie flaunts slightly curled and pouf-ed hair do:
Carrie Underwood tousled hair
17) Cobie Smulders
Side parted, tousled, and curled – Cobie’s medium bob haircut looks sophisticated:
18) Cyler Leigh
A great pixie look that keeps all its femininity:
Cyler Leigh pixie
19) Dannii Minogue
Dannii wears a boyish cut in her jet black hair that are slightly messed up with a zig zag:
Dannii Minogue short hair
20) Gina Gershon
Another coiffed look of medium bob cut:
Gina Gershon short hair
21) Halle Berry
No one can better wear a spiked pixie than Halle Berry. See more hairstyles at Halle Berry Hairstyles
Halle Berry short hair
22) Jennie Garth
Jennie Garth tells us a wonderful way to wear a growing pixie:
jennie Garth pixie cut
23) Jennifer Lawrence
Deeply side parted look flawless on Jen’s Oval face:
Jennifer Lawrence tousled short bob
24) Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes smooth pixie cut
25) Keira Knightly
Let’s catch the growing pixie in a beautiful headband like Keira:
Keira Knightley short hairstyle
26) Kenzie Dalton
Pure blonde hair styled in an angled bob:
Kenzie Dalton short hair
27) Keri Hilson
Angled bob look at their best when Keri wears them with all her grace:

Keri Hilson short haircut

keri hilson coifed angled bob cut
keri hilson streaked short haircut
28) Kristen Stewart
She has combed back her layers and sets an example to carry a growing layered cut:
Kristen Stewart short hair
29) Lily Collins
Cute, cute, and only cute! As a bonus Lily Collins has one of the Top Ten Celebrity Eyebrows.
Lily Collins blunt short bob cut
30) Lisa Rina
Any woman over 40 can carry this elegant do:
lisa rina tousled pixie cut
31) Kylie Jenner
No doubt, only Kylie Jenner can look this hot:

Kendall Jenner short hair

32) Natalie Portman

Natalia carries a very faded and cropped pixie with grace:
Natalie Portman cropped pixie haircut
32) Nicole Gale
Nicole wears a streaked angled bob in this picture:
Nicole Gale Anderson short hair
33) Paris Hilton
Who can beat Paris when it comes to style! See more at Paris Hilton hairstyles.
paris hilton cute short bob cut
Paris Hilton cute bob cut
34) Rihanna
No list of hairstyles is complete without counting Rihanna. More styles – 51 Top Rihanna Hairstyles That Are Worth Trying For Every Girl
Rihanna short hair 2016
35) Rita Ora
Blunt short bob cut adds to Rita Ora’s natural glam:
Rita Ora short hair
36) Ruby Rose
Spike up your pixie in full length and give dark highlights close to the roots of your hair:
Ruby Rose short hair
37) Shailene Woodley
The glow on her face is multiplied with this smoothed out short haircut:
Shailene Woodley short hair
38) Shanna Moakler
A superb way to wear an angled bob on a full blonde hair:
Shanna Moakler short hair
39) Sienna Miller
Sienna knows how to look feminine and sexy at the same time:
Sienna Miller short haircut

Sienna Miller short hair
40) Taylor Swift
Taylor wears a medium length cut styled in the manner that it looks like a short hairdo.
taylor swift beautiful curls
41) Victoria Beckham
victoria beckham short layered bob
42) Violante Placido
Violante Placido highlighted bob hair
43) Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz short hair

Zoe’s hair do is an example for those who have very fine hair and still want to wear a pixie. Highlights are surely your way to escape!

That’s the list. We hope you liked it. Now check out Messy Celebrity hairstyles.

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