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6 Different Eyeliner Styles for Amazing Makeovers [Video]

Eyeliner Styles

Eyeliner is thought to be the third important makeup pouch items with mascara and lipstick being the first two. Everyone likes to apply eyeliner according to one’s preferences and eye shape. Here we have a video that will demonstrate 6 different eyeliner styles so you can choose whatever suits your …

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Barbie Doll Makeup Tutorial for Beginners [Video]

Barbie doll makeup

Every girl wants to look like the most adorable doll in the world: Barbie. So here we have a Barbie doll makeup tutorial for you that will at least give you a Barbie face and with some practice, you too can challenge Valeria Luckyanova, the human Barbie. Watch this video …

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A Super-Easy Leopard Eye Makeup for Halloween [Video]

Leopard Eye Makeup

Leopard eye makeup is not your go-to look for everyday makeup but there are occasions when we really need something unusual i.e. Halloween. Leopard eyes look glamorous, give you a head turner face, and above all announce that you care for yourself and spend time on your makeovers. The below …

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An Evening Makeup Look With Pink And Brown [Video]

Evening Eye Makeup Look

We all have occasions when our go-to pink blush and lipstick just won’t work. Sure, there are certain evening makeup looks that can clearly make a difference to your personality when you attend an event or party after dark. You can try glossy eyelids if it is difficult for you …

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